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Welcome to Genealogy Research Norway

Need research assistance? I can help ! Specializing in American-Norwegian genealogy.

How to proceed.

Services.To the top

MOST CLIENTS ARE interested in finding their roots. Normally, the starting point is to find the background of their Norwegian ancestors. Mostly the descendant has got the immigrant’s name, year of birth and parish of birth in Norway. Without all these facts, a successful outcome of the research is less likely.

WHAT CAN BE found for each client is depending to a large extent on the conditions of the church records in question for the specific assignment. The church records’ quality varies a lot from parish to parish – some are very good, but unfortunately some have even been destroyed (by fires etc). However, the client is guaranteed a successful outcome of the research; I will not charge anything for unsuccessful searches.

AS FAR AS POSSIBLE searches are performed directly at THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF NORWAY in Stavanger, were I have access to, an enormous amount of original records. I am therefore well able to assist you whether your ancestors lived in one spot or moved about a great deal.

THE STANDARD OFFER includes six hours of research, enough to find the names, the dates, and occasionally the professions of your emigrating ancestors’ immediate family (parents and grandparents). Of course, you can assign more hours, depending on how far back in your family history you want to go. Normally, most new clients begin with this standard offer, where the full information on three generations is provided. EXPLANATION OF PROFESSIONS and other typical Norwegian conditions from the emigration epoch are always included in the research report.

PREMIUM OFFER: Some client want a complete family tree as far back as possible. Basically there are two options:

1. To research a family tree, consisting only of parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on.

2. To research a complete family tree, consisting not only of spouse, parents, grandparents etc, but also your parents' siblings and their spouses, and so on for each concecutive generation. This is quite a time consuming option. Between these two extremes there is a whole range of research alternatives. With a bit of luck, it is possible to reach as far back as to the 1600’s.

I look forward to assisting you with all your research needs. Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Fees.To the top

The fee for complete genealogical research, record searching and consultation is
$30.00 (U.S.) per hour, plus expences**.

Every case is different, and no genealogist can predict how many generations of any given family can be discovered. However, I will quote the price before the work is done. I guarantee not to exceed the quoted fee. You would receive a report when your bill approximately equals your authorization, and I would include a advisement of whether further research might be worthwhile. I will never proceed with any work until I have received authorization to proceed.

Guarantee: I will not charge anything for unsuccessful searches. No-Find = No-FEE.

** Expences include costs of wire the payment; no additional charges for travel to The National Archives of Norway in Stavanger.

How to proceed.To the top

WHAT DO YOU need to know before you can become a client of Ancestry Research Norway? The only required information is the name of the Norwegian-American immigrant. However, it is also recommended to know at least some of the following facts – birth year, birth parish, name of parents, name of siblings, year of emigration, age at the time of emigration, departure port in Norway etc. The more information you have, the faster I can provide you with a research result.

FREE OF CHARGE, I always makes an initial search to see if a research outcome would be successful, in other words if the emigrant could be found based on your information. If the initial result is positive, you can make an assignment of your choice to Ancestry Research Norway. Please, send me an email including all your information, and I will contact you within 24 hours.

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