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Pioneer Memories

Tolleif George Thomsen
, a cousin of my great grandfather, wrote "Memories from Bear Lake" which is his pioneer memories from Minnesota.

Table of Contents of Memories from Bear Lake:

* Pioneer Story - Bear Lake Farm, Part I.
* Pioneer Story - Bear Lake Farm, Part II.
* Memories From Pioneer Days in Aitkin County, Minnesota.
* Pioneer Memories From The Drought. 1894. (Including the Hinckley fire).



Tolleif George not only wrote the stories in "Memories from Bear Lake," published in December 1968, but he also wrote many wonderful stories in "Saga from Western Norway". Some of the stories tell of the seafaring days of his grandfather (my g. g. g. grandfather) and father. They also tell of them coming to the United States in 1882 and include more tales of their lives in Minnesota.


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