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Tolleif George Thomsen (1864 - 1950)

Tolleif George Thomsen was born 5 Apr. 1864(# 14) on Einstabøvoll farm, Valestrand (Sveio) in Hordaland County, Norway. He died 9 Mar. 1950 in Chicago, Illinois. He was son of Taurelius Cornelius Thomsen and Marie Magdalene Olsdatter. Tolleif George married Tykelia Caroline Hegna, 22 Mar. 1903 in Chicago, Illinois. She was born 14 Jan. 1870(# 35), on Dolven farm, Solum, Telemark County, Norway. She died 21 Jan. 1931 in Idun Township, Minnesota. She was buried in Opstead Cemetery, Opstead, MN. They had 6 children:

1. Marie Gurine Thomsen, b. 13 June 1904 in Idun Township, Aitkin County, Minnesota, and died 18 Dec. 1986. (Picture).

2. Thor Brynjulf Thomsen, b. 13 Nov. 1905 in Idun Township, Aitkin County, Minnesota,

3. Erling Andreas Thomsen, b. 5 Dec. 1907 in Idun Township, Aitkin County, Minnesota, d. 10 Apr. 1975 in Mora, MN. (Picture).

4. Alf George Thomsen, b. 22 Apr. 1909 in Idun Township, Aitkin County, Minnesota, d. 12 June 1962 in Lewiston, Minnesota. He married Jean MCCRORY, 30 June 1937 in McGrath, Minnesota. She was born 18 Jan. 1910 in Fessenden ND. She died 12 Sep. 2002 in Fort Collins, Colorado.

5. Haakon Thomsen, b. 13 Jan. 1911 in Idun Township, Aitkin County, Minnesota, died 2 May 1995 in Pasco, Franklin County, Washington, USA. He married Cleopatra L. PITTS, 22 Sep. 1937 in Nashua, IA. She was born 1 June 1919 in Waterloo, IA, and died 13 Sep. 1989 in Pasco, WA.

6. Astrid Caroline Thomsen, b. 13 Sep. 1915 in Idun Township, Aitkin County, Minnesota, d. 21 Mar. 2007 in Isle, Mille Lacs County, Minnesota, USA.

Tolleif George Thomsen and his wife Tykelia Caroline Hegna Thomsen


Cornelius Mandius, Lorentz Sars and Tolleif George.

Before Tolleif George immigrated to America with his family, he was working at Skalurens Shipyard in Rosendal in Kvinnherad, Hordaland County, Norway.

At the time Taulerius Conrad Thomsen and his sons settled in to northern Minnesota (1901), the US Government was granting land to anyone for asking. They each received 160 acres of land, adjacent to each other. Here you can see Tolleif George's land patent.

Tolleif George wrote "Memories from Bear Lake" and "Saga from Western Norway". 1)

1) Thanks to Keith Thomsen, Duluth, Minnesota, Colin Keith Thomsen, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Rick Gerhardson, Bloomington, Minnesota for this material.
Hordaland county, Valestrand in Sveio, Parish register (official) nr. C 1 (1862-1880), Birth and baptism records 1864, page 10.
Telemark county, Solum, Parish register (official) nr. I 8 (1865-1876), Birth and baptism records 1870, page 72.

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