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Taulerius Cornelius Thomsen (1832 - 1909)

Taulerius Cornelius Thomsen was born 12 July 1832(# 57) at Engesund, Fitjar in Hordaland County, Norway. He died 21 Dec. 1909 in Idun Township, Minnesota. He was son of skipper and merchant in Engesund Tolleif Thomsen and Cathrine Nielsdatter. Taurelius married Maria Magdalena Olsdatter, on 8 Aug. 1862(# 3) in Valestrand Church (Sveio) in Sunnhordaland. They had 4 children:

1. Tolleif Georg Thomsen, b. 5 Apr. 1864, d. 9 Mar. 1950.
2. Lorentz Sars Holtermann Thomsen, b. 4 June 1867, d. 8 Sep. 1926.
3. Hans Kristoffer Thomsen, b. 16 Mar. 1869(# 2), d. 31 Oct. 1869(# 17)
4. Cornelius Mandius Thomsen, b. 8 Nov. 1871, d. 16 Feb. 1942.

Maria Magdalena and Taulerius Cornelius.

Taulerius was a sailor from ca. 1855, when he got a certificate of change of adress from Valestrand church, because, he then was going to sail on an English ship. He went back home in 1860. After he married Marie Magdalena Olsen in 1862, he went to Eistabøvoll and ran the farm for his olderly father-in-law. The place was sold in 1868, but he kept part of it down by the sea and built a new house and carried on with a little farming, seagoing and fishing. Here you can read tales from the seafaring days of Taulerius Thomsen.

The census of 1875 shows that Taurelius had 2 horses and 10 cows. He sowed, 6-barrel oats and 6-barrel potatoes. They lived at Einstabøvoll until 1882, when they emigrated to the U.S. They lived in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, until 1894, when they with their three sons, settled at Bear Lake. See "Memories from Bear Lake."

At the time Taulerius Conrad Thomsen and his sons settled in to northern Minnesota (1901), the US Government was granting land to anyone for asking. They each received 160 acres of land, adjacent to each other. Here you can see Taulerius Conrad's land patent 1)

1) Simon Steinsbø: Sveio Gards- og ættesoge bind 1, page 75 - 76.
Thanks to Carolyn Thomsen Mutchler, Keith Thomsen, Duluth Minn., Colin Keith Thomsen, Minneapolis Minn. and Rick Gerhardson, Bloomington, Minn. for this information, picture and land patent etc.
Hordaland county, Valestrand in Sveio, Parish register (official) nr. C 1 (1862-1880), Marriage records 1862-1863, page 116.