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Lorentz Sars Thomsen (1867 - 1926)

Lorentz Sars Thomsen was born 4 June 1867(# 8) on Einstabøvoll farm, Valestrand (Sveio) in Hordaland County, Norway. He died 8 Sep. 1926 in Bickleigh, Saskatchewan, Canada. He was son of Taurelius Cornelius Thomsen and Marie Magdalene Olsdatter. Lorentz married Anne Kristine Hansdatter, (Hustvedt - Berg) 20 Dec. 1904 in Idun Township, Minnesota. She was born 18 May 1874(# 66) on Hustvedt farm, Solum, Telemark County, Norway. She died 24 Apr. 1943, Bickleigh, Saskatchewan, Canada. They had 5 children:

1. Christiana Berg (Thomsen), b. 29 June 1895(#132) in Skien, Norway, and died 30 May 1973. She married Carl Gustav FINSTROM 29 Mar. 1930 in Chicago, IL. He was born 29 Jan. 1888 in Finnerödja, Sweden, and died 16 Apr. 1968.

2. Ingeborg Marie Thomsen, b. 6 Apr. 1906 in Idun Township, MN, and died 23 June 1992. She married George William WELSH, 16 Apr. 1938 in Chicago IL. He was born 15 July 1907 in Durham England, and died 27 Jan. 1982.

3. Einar Thomsen, b. 27 Oct. 1909 in Idun Township, MN, and died 1986 in Letbridge, Alberta.

4. Helga Andrea Thomsen, b. 20 Apr. 1912 in Idun Township, MN, d. 1992.

5. Ruth Gudrun Thomsen, b. 20 May 1914 in Idun Township, MN. d. 24 Nov. 1988 in Chicago, IL.

Cornelius Mandius, Lorentz Sars and Tolleif George.

Lorentz homesteaded on the northwest side of Bear Lake in 1893. He became dissatisfied with the farm he developed there and moved to Saskatchewan in 1918 to become a wheat farmer. He died of a heart attack while helping to prepare for the harvest in 1926.

Lorentz, Anne and their children Helga and Ruth in Aug. 1926:

Lorentz children:

Einar, Helga, Ruth and Ingeborg

At the time Taulerius Conrad Thomsen and his sons settled in to northern Minnesota (1901), the US Government was granting land to anyone for asking. They each received 160 acres of land, adjacent to each other. Here you can see Lorentz's land patents. 1)

1) Thanks to Rick Gerhardson, Bloomington, Minnesota for this information.
Thanks to Jens Noraberg for the picture of Lorentz' and his children.
Hordaland county, Valestrand in Sveio, Parish register (official) nr. C 1 (1862-1880), Birth and baptism records 1867, page 14.
Telemark county, Skien, Parish register (official) nr. 10 (1891-1899), Birth and baptism records 1895, page 83.