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Norway Genealogy - Ancestry Research

Need research assistance? I can help ! Specializing in American-Norwegian genealogy.

I've been searching for my ancestors as a hobby for many years. I have been professional since 1998, full-time since 2002. Without the help of the many people and organisations who have offered their skills and knowledge, my research would not have come as far as it has today. Acknowledgements.

In this version you will find links to my personal research and the genealogical resources I maintain, targeted specifically at research in Norway, Sweden, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

You can also make your Queries for ancestors in Norway or discuss everything concerning genealogy in the Forum. Make your family, friends, or loved ones happy by sending a greeting card from my free postcard service. Much more stuff will come later.

I hope this site will be helpful to others who are searching for their heritage.

This site was established August 15, 2003. English version March 21, 2004.

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