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Ole Georg Olsen (1788 - 1868)

Ole Georg Olsen was born in 1788 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He died in 1868 in Fusa (near Bergen). He was son of Erik Olsen, and Antonette Marie Grundtvig. Ole Georg married Ingeborg Marie Christophersdatter Juel. They had 11 children:

1. Eric Olsen, b. 1816, Minister in Jølster.
2. Kristoffer Juel Olsen, b. 1818, m. Sæverhagen farm, Stord.
3. Antonette Marie Olsdatter, b. 1823, m. Abraham O. Rusti, Sogn og Fjordane County.
4. Andrea Christine Olsdatter, b. 1823, m. Johannes Pedersen from Jæren.
5. Maria Magdalena Olsdatter, b. 1825, d. 1907. m. Taurelius Cornelius Thomsen, Engesund, Fitjar.
6. Anna Munthe Olsdatter, b. 1827, m. Amund V. Gjøstein. Teacher in Stord.
7. Andreas Juel Olsen, b. 1829. School Inspector in Stavanger.
8. Peder Nicolai Juel Olsen, b. 1831. Teacher in Oslo.
9. Hans Isach Olsen, b. 1833, m. Vormestrand in Ryfylke.
10. Christian Holberg Gram Olsen, b. 1835. Instrumentmaker in Oslo.
11. Johan Andreas Olsen, b. 1837, d. 1840

Later, Ole Georg married Lorentze Margrete Holtermann, b. 1799 in Bergen, d. 1854. They had no children.

Ole leased one of the Tveita farms in Sveio. In 1816 he leased Einstabøvoll farm, and in 1832 he bought the place. He used the farm, until 1862, when he sold.

Here you can read more about his life. 1)

1) Simon Steinsbø: Sveio Gards- og ættesoge bind 1, page 75.