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Jens Andersen Juel ( - ca. 1614)

Jens Andersen Juel died about 1614 on Halsgaard in Hals, Jytland, Denmark. Jens married Anne Andersdatter Hals.

Clitgård wrote: Of Anders Skriver's sons, the most known was Jens Andersen Hals, merchant and alderman in Aalborg who died 1627 in Marstrand, to where he fled when the imperial troops advanced toward Aalborg. Reference is made to him in A. H. Nielsen's: "Embeds- og Bestillingsmænd i Aalborg", page 128, addenda to the same book, as well as D. H. Wulff's: "Jens Bang og Lassen og Raschs Stamtavle over den norske Familie Hals", however, it should be noted that more recent investigations by archivist Finne Grøn have shown that this family does not descend from the alderman, but from his brother , who was also called Jens Andersen, but he used the family name Juel. (See the info from the book: "Vester Brønderslevs historie" below.)

He lived on Halsgaard and was the Crown's bailiff (Kronens Delefoged) for Aalborghus in the period 1600-1613 and possibly even before that time. It is mentioned in the cadastre (Jordebøgerne) for the period 1609-13 that "Jens Andersen Juel who lives in Hals has been exempted from paying rent of the land because he is the bailiff in the judicial district of Hals" "Jens Andersen Juell boendes udi Hals haver hans Gaards Landgilde fri, for hand er Delefoged i forskrevne Hals Birk".

He must have died ca. 1614 since the accounts from May 1st 1614 to May 1st 1615 states that Niels Jensen took over the Stedsmaal for Halsgaard after the death of Jens Andersen. A tombstone in the nave of the church in Hals commemorate him and his wife Anne Andersdatter, but the year of his death is not mentioned, whereas it shows his mark.

His widow was then married to Niels Jensen Skjelvig (Schelwig, Skielwig etc.), died 1631, who also bailiff (Delefoged) here and he is perhaps the Niels Jensen, who in 1609-13 was bailiff (Birkefoged) here. He leased Hals Kongetiende 1617-18 and on May 16th 1620 (perhaps his wedding day) he and his wife donated a communion table to the church in Hals, or he had arranged the ornamentation of the communion table.

Jens Andersen Juel and Anne Andersdatter Hals had the following children:

1. Anders Jensen Hals, alderman in Ystad in Sweden, and from whom the Norwegian family descends, he died in 1667.

2. Niels Jensen Juel

3. Knud Jensen Juel, bailiff in Hals district, appeared in Aalborg court (paa Aalborg Ting) June 18th 1632 on behalf of his brother Anders Jensen as creditor in the estate of alderman Jens Hals, he was alive 1661, when he is mentioned in the census-paper (Hovedskattemandtallet) as a widower, none of the children had died before the brother in Ystad, and his heirs were listed as living in Hals.

4. Birgitte Jensdatter, married to Christoffer Christensen from Ulsted.

5. Anne Jensdatter, who 12. March 1630 had her servant's character book witnessed in Hals court (Birketing) as she was probably about to leave the district.

From the book "Vester Brønderslevs historie", page 217:

"Den foran nevnte rådmann Jens Andersen Hals i Aalborg hadde vært værge for sin søstersønn Anders Jensen Juel, som kalte seg Hals og var rådmann i Ystad, og da denne hadde sin federne arv tilgode hos morbroderen, fikk han fra dennes bo utlagt "5 Tdr. Bygskyld af Krogen", hvilken part han den 12. Juni 1635 skøtet for 250 slettedaler til herredsfogde Peder Jensen Kjærulf, som den 24. Nov. 1636 ble dømt til å betale kjøpesummen osv". 1)

1) Carl Klitgård, Kjærulffske studier (1914 P. Hansens bogtrykkeri Aalborg).
Vester Brønderslevs historie, side 217.


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