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Jens Andersen Kjærulf ( - )

Jens Andersen Kjærulf was born on Kornumgaard, Hals, Jytland, Denmark. He was son of of Anders Jensen Kjærulf and an unknown mother. Jens was married to Anne Nielsdatter Griis.

Jens Andersen Kjærulf, son of the above mentioned Anders Jensen Kjærulf, is also classed as a noble by Dyrskjøt . He became bailiff ca.1575 in Jerslev district and held this position until ca. 1600. He is mentioned in 1568 as the owner of Kornumgaard where he lived, as well as 2 houses in the parish of V. Brønderslev . In 1580 he bought from the Crown the inherited share (søsterlod) in Kornumgaard, which Peder Munk had bought from Peder Mørk in Musted, but which was again sold to the Crown, because Peder Munk, who in 1576 had bought the Crown's rights in Kornumgaard (Herlighedsafgiften ), in 1580 was obliged to reverse the deal, after complaints that he, as a defender, did not provide the farmer with the contractual support. References to those rather complicated transactions can be found in the deeds of the Crown (Kronens Skøder) 9/5 1576 and 22/4 1580 as well as Kancelliets Brevbøger 12/4, 14/5 and 26/11 1580, 23/5, 24/5 1589 1/5 1597, and also to Kancelliets Brevbøger. 13/11 1581, in which is mentioned a certain incorrect sentence passed by Jens Kjærulf and for which the King relieves him for any further consequences. Furthermore, from the same source 14/1 1586 there are details of a case concerning a betrothal of a family member.

Anders Pallisen was in 1587 scribe in Aalborg (d. 1602) and was married to Anne Pedersdatter Kjærulf, daughter of Peder Andersen Kjærulf in Ø. Halne and Karen Bertelsdatter, (see page 30). Anders Pallisen complained in 1585 to the King about Jens Kjærulf in Kornumgaard who had opposed to his betrothal to a girl and insisted that she had promised to marry his own son Bagge. Anders Pallisen, however, argued that the alleged betrothal had taken place under the influence of alcohol and without the presence of the person to which the girl was to be betrothed, nor had the usual formalities been observed. The girl also denied the correctness hereof, but Jens Kjærulf maintained his position and the case was to be dealt with in the court (Tamperretten) in Aalborg; however the settlement was postponed. Now, the vassal (Lænsmanden) in Aalborg was requested to select 3 other nobles so that the four of them together with the members of the court (Tamperretsmedlemmerne) could investigate the matters and pass a judgement. The result is unknown, but there is little doubt that Anders Pallisen won the case, and that the girl in question, Anne Pedersdatter Kjærulf was to become his wife, and who, strangely enough after Anders Pallisen's death, married Jens Kjærulf's son Bagge, perhaps her previous rejected wooer.

Jens Kjærulf was married to Anne Nielsdatter Griis of the noble family from Slette and probably the daughter of Niels Griis (married to Bodil Svendsdatter Orning), who in 1505 together with her father Palle Griis lived in Ø. Mellerup in the parish of Jerslev , and who in 1545 was accused of capital offence (Halsløsning) after the Count's War (Klementsfejden) ; Dyrskjøt says: "Fru Anne Griis of Slette, Niels Grise's daughter, Baggi Kierulff's sister" , but he has apparently by mistake written Kierulff instead of Griis, and Niels Griis had in fact a son called Bagge, supposedly named after Niels Griis' brother Bagge, who lived in the neighbourhood of Kornumgaard, namely on Hjermeslevgaard, and became known for his attempt to kill Skipper Clement - an attempt - for which he had to pay with his own life.

Jens Kjærulf and his wife donated two brass candlesticks for the altar in the church of V. Brønderslev; they are still there , and besides the following inscription: "DISE . LIVSE . STAGER . GAF IENS . KERVLF . I KVORNVM . OCH ANNE . GRIS . TIL . WESTER . BRØNDERSLØF . KIERKE . 1596 . " - "Iens Kervlf of Kornum and Anne Gris donated these candlesticks to the church in West Brønderslev, 1596". The candlesticks carry two coats of arms - without helmets - one of them shows a male wolf walking towards the right hand side showing its tongue , the other one shows a leaping wild-boar.

It is unknown, when Jens Kjærulf and Anne Griis died; Dyrskjøt says: "I have met him as an issuer of an attestation from the court of Jerslev district in 1597 concerning Hørbylund" - "jeg har truffet ham som Udsteder af et Tingsvidne af Jerslev Herreds Ting 1597 angaaende Hørbylund" , and not before 1602 has Dyrskjøt mentioned his successor as bailiff . Jens Kjærulf and his wife were both dead in 1606, as the distribution of their estate took place on Nov.18th . Dyrskjøt says: "They have supposedly had 9 children all told and of those I know only 6 or perhaps 7". 1)

1) Carl Klitgård, Kjærulffske studier (1914 P. Hansens bogtrykkeri Aalborg).


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