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Andreas Karlsen Hjelmen (1872 - )

Andreas Karlsen was born 10 June 1872(# 74)on Hjelmen farm, Fitjar in Sunnhordaland County, Norway. He was son of Karl Andreas Thomsen and Anna Hansdatter. Andreas married Martha Nilsen from Kvamsdal farm in Hordaland, 14 May 1908 (# 35) in Sandviken church in Bergen. They had 5 children:

1. Amanda Marie Karlsen, b. 31 July 1908, m. Sverre Iversen.
2. Leif Karlsen m. Lilly. No children.
3. Berly Olivia Karlsen, b. 18 June 1912, Bergen, d. 7 May 2004, Bergen, m. Alf Iversen.
2. Theodor Karlsen, b. 11 Aug. 1913, m. 3 Oct. 1936, Ingrid Larsen, b. 1915. They had two children, Tor Karlsen and Rigmor Karlsen.
5. Ruth Karlsen, b. 23 Dec. 1916, d. 5 June 2000, m. 15 Sep.1936, Arne Ingolf Andreassen.

Andreas and Martha together with two of their children.

Andreas was confirmed on Oct. 09, 1887 (# 20) in Fitjar church. He was then living in Engesund.

Andreas Karlsen moved from Fitjar to Bergen and he is mentioned as a driver when he was married May 14, 1908. At that time they were living at Skudvigstorv 10 in Bergen. Later he worked as a saddler. Andreas was a Christian. 1)

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