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Anna Hansdatter (1830 - 1914)

Anna Hansdatter was born 5 Aug. 1830(# 98) on Gjøsæter farm, Bømlo in Sunnhordaland County, Norway. She died 23 Jan. 1914(# 2) on Dyrholmen in Fitjar, Sunnhordaland. She was burried 29 Jan. 1914 in Fitjar cementary(See death link above). Anna was daughter of Hans Olsen and Marta Jakobsdatter. She married Karl Andreas Thomsen on 1 Jan. 1859 in Fitjar church. They had 9 children:

1. Katrine Karlsdatter. b. 31 July 1859, Hjelmen farm in Fitjar. d. 18 Dec. 1861, Hjelmen farm.
2. Tollef Carlson b. 24 July 1860, Hjelmen farm in Fitjar. Emigrated
3. Kathrine Carlson. b. 26 April 1862, Hjelmen farm in Fitjar. Emigrated to America.
4. Martha Carlson. b. 18 June 1863, Hjelmen farm in Fitjar. Emigrated to America.
5. Ingemann Theodor Karlsen. b. 20 Aug. 1864, Hjelmen farm in Fitjar.
6. Hans Karlsen. b. 17 May 1866, Hjelmen farm in Fitjar. d. 1952, Dyrholmen farm. m. Oline Olsdatter b. 1858.
7. Karen Karlsdatter. b. 13 Apr. 1867, Hjelmen farm in Fitjar.
8. Anna Karlsdatter. b. 1 June 1869, Hjelmen farm in Fitjar. d. 9 Aug. 1871, Hjelmen farm in Fitjar.
9. Andreas Karlsen. b. 10 June 1872, Hjelmen farm in Fitjar. d. Bergen.

Karl Andreas leased Hjelmen farm in Fitjar in 1858. He bought Hjelmen farm in 1877 from landed proprietor Formanns estate for 960 "spesidaler". Karl Andreas used the farm until he sold by auction in 1882.

From the census 1865, we can see that Anna and Karl Andreas had 1 horse, 5 cows, 13 sheep's and 3 goats. They sowed, 1-barrel oats and 1 1/2 barrel potatoes.

In the Fitjar bygdebok (Community annals) it's said that his wife Anna Hansdatter got the twins Marie Karoline and Hans b. 1878, with Sjovat Jonsen from Gudbrandsdalen?? (Not confirmed).

Karl Andreas was living at Dyrholmen farm in Fitjar from ca. 1902 until he died at an age of 79 years, in 1908. 1)

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