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Anders Andersen Kjærulf ( - etter 1494)

Anders Andersen Kjærulf was born in Vadum parrish, Kjær, Jytland, Denmark. He died after 1494, in Vadum. He was son of Anders Andersen Kjærulf and an unknown mother. Anders married Else Wogensdatter.

Anders Andersen Kjærulf II is mentioned by Dyrskjøt 1470. "He owned Aslund, Fogedgaard and much other property." Dyrskjøt does not mention him as bailiff in Kjær district. However he is recorded as such in 1485 when after St. Knuds and Kjelds day a court record was issued that on this day a land record was presented to the court by Niels Pedersen, minister in West Hassing, regarding West Hassing and Gandrup fields which Thorlef Hwal 1460 had acquired with 8 Sandemænd. Similarly Anders Kjærulf was bailiff in 1494 when a court record was issued in Kjær district court that Birkelse through four bishops reign had been assigned to the seat of the Børglum bishop uncontested by Vitskøl cloister. Dyrskjøt reports that he was married to Else Wognsdatter, and that they "among other children had to sons and one daughter." Besides the children reported by Dyrskjøt I believe that they had to sons, Jens and Morten. Since the ones we know the least about are recorded first, we arrive at the following lineage:

1. N. N. Andersdatter Kjærulf, married in Gjettrup (Ulsted parish)
"and her daughter had Peder Munch from Haubrogaard and lived in
Giettrup." The value of this appraisal is probably not big, but it
will be covered in more detail in the section about the Kornumgaard
line, where the family Munk from Gjettrup is covered.

2. Jens Andersen Kjærulf

3. Morten Andersen Kjærulf

4. Anders Andersen Kjærulf

5. Peder Andersen Kjærulf

Kjærulf' Coat of arms





1) Carl Klitgård, Kjærulffske studier (1914 P. Hansens bogtrykkeri Aalborg).


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