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Jens Andersen Kjærulf (ca. 1459 - ca. 1532)

Jens Andersen Kjærulf was born about 1459 in Vadum parrish, Kjær, Jytland, Denmark. He died about 1532 in Gjettrup, Ulsted. He was son of Anders Andersen Kjærulf and Else Wogensdatter. Jens was probably married to Gjertrud.

Jens Andersen Kjærulf, is not mentioned by Dyrskjøt, but may be the Jens Kjærulf who in 1519 together with his wife was accepted in "Gods body's guild" in Aalborg. He may also be the Jens Kjærulf who lived in Halne in 1532. and was then "Rebsmand" at Lendum Mark in Vendsyssel together with 11 other men, all of which were probably free farmers, and one single person (monk Elbek in Grarup, of nobility yet, although he is named after a free farmer). It is probably not he who is listed in East Halne in the latter part of the 16th century. His wife's name may have been Gertrud ....., and I presume their children were named after them, but I am only guessing, since these persons are not identified with a family name.

1. Søren Jensen (Kjærulf?) lived in 1568 in Knæpholt in Vadum parish and is mentioned as a free owner of a house in this parish. Did apparently not leave any offspring.

2. Simon Jensen (Kjærulf?) lived 1568 in West Halne in Vadum parish and is listed as a free farmer who owned a farm. Probably his descendants lived in Vestgaard in West Halne, where a free farmer is listed in Aalborghus land records 1617-18, and where a land recorder Jens Simonsen (married to Mette Andersdatter) lived in 1645 and 1654. 1624-1638 Niels Ludvigsen lived in Vestergaard, and probably Jens Simonsen married his widow.

Kjærulf' Coat of arms

3. Anders Jensen (Kjærulf?), Anders Jensen (Kjærulf?), commonly called Anders Scriber, bailiff in Hals, d. 24.Jul. 1589, married to Anne Andersdatter Kjærulf from Kornumgaard.

4. Bertel Jensen (Kjærulf?) 1)

1) Carl Klitgård, Kjærulffske studier (1914 P. Hansens bogtrykkeri Aalborg).


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