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Jens Andersen Kjærulf ( - )

Jens Andersen Kjærulf was born in the parish of Vadum, Kjær, Jytland, Denmark. He died on Kornumgaard, Hals, Jytland. He was son of Anders Andersen Kjærulf and an unknown mother. Jens married N.N. Hansdatter Bonde.

According to Dyrskjøt Jens Andersen Kjærulf was supposed to have been the owner of large property in Jersleff district, in West Brønderslev and also several parishes, (in old Danish: "stort gods I Jersleff Herridt I wester Brøndersleff och fliere Sogner" ).

As mentioned in more details on page 3 of this book, Dyrskjøt regarded the Kjærulf's as being noble of birth "af Edelstand", including the above mentioned Jens Andersen, who was the son of the bailiff (Herredsfogden) Anders Andersen Kjærulf in Kjær district (Fogedgaard in Vadum), see page 8, but Dyrskjøt used a somewhat different definition of the concept of nobility than that of modern genealogists, since he regarded offspring from a free farmer father and a noble mother to be of nobility.

A certain Jens Kjærulf in Halne (Parish of Vadum) who together with Peder Hansen in Kornum and others. , are mentioned in 1532 as surveyors (Rebsmænd) of Lendum Mark, is probably not the Jens Andersen Kjærulf dealt with here, although he was supposedly married to the above mentioned Peder Hansen's sister.

Dyrskjøt says about Jens Kjærulf's wife: "Hans Hustrus Naffn weed jeg icke, dog vaar hun Edelstand och beholdt deris Gods frij" "I do not know the name of his wife, but she was noble of birth and their property remained free", namely after the Count's War (Clement's feud). As the above mentioned property among others was part of the freehold Kornumgaard in the parish of V. Brønderslev, it must be assumed that Jens Kjærulf's wife was the daughter of Hans Andersen, who owned Kornumgaard in 1506 and was supposedly a son of Anders Bonde or Anders Eg (Eg is Ieg in Jutlandish), who in 1446 and 1459 was the bailiff (Herredsfoged) in Jerslev district and lived 1470 in Kornumgaard


Kjærulf' Coat of arms





Peder Dyrskjøt also mentions Anders Eg as being of nobility, despite the fact that description "bonde" supposedly refers to a freehold farmer, and there is thus correlation between Dyrskjøt's claim that Jens Kjerulf's wife was of noble birth and the assumption that she was a daughter of Anders Bonde's son, Hans Andersen in Kornumgaard.

Jens Kjerulf's wife was probably a widow at the time of the Count's War, and this may have been a natural reason why the family property was not confiscated by the crown as the case was for many other farms after the war.

According to Dyrskjøt, Jens Kjærulf and wife had many children, "mens jeg finder Icke fliere neffnet vden 2 Sønner 1 Doter" , "all I find mentioned are 2 sons and 1 daughter", but I think that I know of 3 sons and 1 daughter namely:

1. Vogn Jensen Kjærulf, about whom it is only known that he had some children (Dyrskjøt).

2. Hans Kjærulf, who in 1568 is mentioned as the owner of a farm in the parish of V. Brønderslev .

3. N. N. Jensdatter Kjærulf, who married in Hundslund (Dronninglund) and left behind a large and highly esteemed offspring amongst which were the nephews Laurids Pedersen in Ø. Halne, bailiff in Kier district, Søren Pedersen in Holtet, parish of Dronninglund, and others. "nepotis s[ive] pronepotis Laurids Pedersen i Ø. Halne, Herritsfoged i Kierherrit, Søren Pedersen i Holtte och fliere" (Dyrskjøt). The Holtet mentioned here is situated in the parish of Dronninglund.

4. Anders Jensen Kjærulf. 1)

1) Carl Klitgård, Kjærulffske studier (1914 P. Hansens bogtrykkeri Aalborg).

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