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Helena Nilsdatter (1818 - 1906)

Helena Nilsdatter was born in 1818 on Fausdal farm, Masfjorden in Hordaland County, Norway. She died May 16, 1906 on Lindebotten in Byrkjeland farm, Masfjorden. She was daughter of Nils Hansson and Sygni Ivarsdatter. Helena married Rognald Lasseson, in 1839. They had 11 children:

1. Lasse Rognaldson b. 1839, Lindebotten, Byrkjeland farm
2. Nils Rognaldson b. 1841, Lindebotten, , Byrkjeland farm, d. January 08, 1907, Kvamsdallien farm, Masfjorden
3. Malena Rognaldsdatter b. 1843, Lindebotten, Byrkjeland farm
4. Bendik Rognaldson b. 1846, Lindebotten, Byrkjeland farm
5. Sjur Rognaldson b. 1849, Lindebotten, , Byrkjeland farm, d. May 07, 1933, Lindebotten
6. Ola Rognaldson b. 1851, Lindebotten, Byrkjeland farm
7. Bernt Rognaldson b. 1854, Lindebotten, Byrkjeland farm
8. Engel Rognaldsdatter b. 1857, Lindebotten, Byrkjeland farm
9. Ivar Rognaldson b. 1860, Lindebotten, , Byrkjeland farm, d. , Lindebotten, Byrkjeland farm
10. Henrik Rognaldson b. 1861, Lindebotten, Byrkjeland farm
11. Marta Rognaldsdatter b. 28 juni 1865, Lindebotten, Byrkjeland farm

Rognald was a farmer. In 1844 he leased the tenant place Lindebotten in Byrkjeland farm from Jon Johannesson Byrkjeland. The charge was 1 specie dollar and 6 working days a year. "Årlig avgift 1 Spdl. og 6 arbeidsdager".

The census of 1865 tells us that the following people were living on the tenant place, Lindebotten:

Rognald Lasseson, married, tenat with land, born 1816 in Manger parrish.
Helene Nilsdatter, married, born 1818 in Lindås parrish.
Sjur, son, unmarried, b. 1849.
Berent, son, unmarried, b. 1854.
Henrik, son, unmarried, b. 1861.
Engel, daughter, unmarried, b. 1857.
Marthe, daughter, unmarried, b. 1865.

All of the children were born in Lindås parrish. 1)

1) Masfjordboka, Churchbooks, Census 1865, Digitalarkivet.