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Nils Rognaldsen (1841 - 1907)

Nils Rognaldsen was born 1841 on Lindebotten in Byrkjeland farm, Masfjorden in Hordaland County, Norway. He died in cancer, Jan. 06, 1907 on Kvamsdallien farm in Masfjorden. He was buried on Jan. 15, 1907. He was son of Rognald Lassesen and Helena Nilsdatter. Nils married Synneve Olsdatter Kvamsdal, June 20, 1875. They had 3 children:

1. Martha Nilsen-Kvamsdal, b. Dec. 31, 1875 (# 7), Lidi under Kvamsdal farm, Masfjorden in Hordaland.
2. Rasmus Nilsen, b. March 08, 1877 (# 9), Lidi under Kvamsdal farm, Masfjorden..
3. Ola Nilsen, b. May 23, 1881 (# 25), Lidi under Kvamsdal farm, Masfjorden. d. June 15, 1900, Heilebrand.

The census of 1900 tells us that the following people were living in Kvamsdalslien farm:

Nils Rognaldsen Kvamsdal, married, tenant, farmer, born 1841 in Masfjorden.
Synneve Olsdatter, married, born 1843 in Masfjorden.
Rasmus Nilsen, unmarried, born 1877, fisherman in northern Norway (herring).
Martha Nilsdatter, unmarried, born 1775.
Ola Nilsen, unmarried, born 1881, fisherman (herring).
Ola Rasmussen, born 1815, (Synneve and Ragnhilds father).
Ragnhild Olsdatter, married, wife of a tenant, Synneves sister.

Nils Rognaldsen were living in Kvamsdalslien and used his father-in-law's lease. 1)

1) Masfjordboka, Churchbooks, Census 1900, Digitalarkivet.