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Martha Nilsen Kvamsdal (1875 - )

Martha Nilsen Kvamsdal was born 31 Dec. 1875(# 7), on Kvamsdal farm, Masfjorden in Hordaland county. She was daughter of Nils Rognaldsen and Synneve Olsdatter. Martha was confirmed on 5 Oct. 1890(# 27). She married Andreas Karlsen from Hjelmen farm in Fitjar, 14 May 1908(# 35) in Sandviken church in Bergen. They had 5 children:

1. Amanda Marie Karlsen, b. July 31, 1908, m. Sverre Iversen.
2. Leif Karlsen m. Lilly. No children.
3. Berly Olivia Karlsen, b. June 18, 1912, Bergen, d. May 07, 2004, Bergen, m. Alf Iversen.
2. Theodor Karlsen, b. Aug. 11, 1913, m Ingrid. They had two children, Tor Karlsen and Rigmor Karlsen.
5. Ruth Karlsen, b. Dec. 23, 1916 in Bergen, Hordaland county, d. June 05, 2000 in Drammen, Buskerud county.

Martha and Andreas with two of their children.

Andreas Karlsen moved from Fitjar to Bergen and he is mentioned as a driver when he was married in May 14, 1908. At that time they were living at Skudvigstorv 10 in Bergen. Later he worked as a saddler. Andreas was a Christian. 1)

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