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Andfind "Anfin" Thorson (Thompson) (1830 - 1937)

Andfind Thorsen was born Feb. 5, 1830(#19) on Hystad farm, Stord, Hordaland County, Norway. He died Sep. 27, 1895 in Colfax Township, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, USA. He was son of Thor Nelsen Hystad and Britha Anfindsdatter Ådland. Anfind married Anna Hansdatter Hystad on Nov. 25, 1855(#30) in Stord church. Anfin and Anna had 11 children, here is the link to their son Albert Nicolai: (link to his siblings in Find A Grave).

1. Hans N. Thorson, b. abt. 1857, Wisconsin ?, d, 1863,
2. Thor Thorson, b. Mar. 5, 1860, Rock County, Wisconsin, d. May 1, 1931, m. Jul. 24, 1887, Gunhild Ellingson. Find A Grave.
3. Anne Marie Thorson, b. Jan. 5, 1862, d. 1862.
4. Hans C. Thorson, b. Sep. 1863, d. 1863.
5. Anthon Thorson, b. Jul. 24, 1864, d. 1868.
6. Bertha Marie Thorson, b. Sep. 30, 1866, d. Jun. 4, 1953, m. Gudmund Anfinsen “Goodman” Odland, Find A Grave.
7. Anton Thorson, b. May 26, 1871, d. Feb. 15, 1914, m. July 25, 1892, Olava Marie “Mary” Hanson.
8. Anne Karine Thorson, b. Jan. 5, 1872, d. 1872.
9. Carl Henry Thorson, b. Oct. 1874, d. Oct. 11, 1936, m. 1903, Hanna Constance Thompson. Find A Grave.
10. Katrine Thorson, b. 1876, d. 1876.
Albert Nicolai Thorson, b. May 10, 1877, d. Jul 2, 1837, m. Apr. 14, 1899, Sina Amanda Larson.

(Hysingstad is the same as Hystad farm)

Anfind's christning was held Mar. 10, 1830(#19) in Stord church. His name is then written as Andfind Thorsen.

Anfind and his wife received an emigration attest from Stord church in Apr. 1857. They are then mentioned as Anfind Thorsen and Ane Hansdt Hysingstad. (Hysingstad is the same farm as Hystad). See # 46 - 47 on the left side.

In some sources he is mentioned as Anfin Thorsen and in some as Anfin Thomsen or Anfin Thompson.

"Anfin Thorsen" is mentioned 7 times in the Story below. Here you can read about how the indians set fire on his house and more: Saga Of Matias Johannessen Fjellhaugen (in America.

Anfin Thorson

Anfin Thorson received a land patents Jan. 9, 1869.

In the 1870 census Anfin Thorson is living in Monongalia, Minnesota, United States together with his wife Anna and 2 children.

In the 1880 census "Anfin Thomsen" is living in Colfax Township, Kandiyohi, Minnesota, United States together with his wife Anna and 5 children. Anfin was a farmer.

Anfin marrried(2) 1891, Sophie Madsdatter in Crow River Lutheran Church, Belgrade, Stearns, Minnesota, United States. They were first cousin's. (This was her third marriage).

In the 1895 census "Anfin Thompson" is living in Colfax Township, Kandiyohi, Minnesota, United States together with his second wife Sophie and his son's Carl and Albert from his first marriage. Anfin was a farmer. (His son Anton Thorson and his family are also on the same page). Sophie emigrated from Norway in 1889 together with 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

His gravestone in Find A Grave.

His halfbrother Thor Mikkelson in Find A Grave.

Anfin Thompson's obituary from Willmar tribune. Pub. Date 8. oktober 1895. His birth year is wrong.

Another Pioneer Gone.

Anfin Thompson, one of the
oldest settlers of Colfax, died
Friday of last week. His death,
caused by cholera morbus, came
very suddenly after an illness of
only 18 hours. Mr Thompson
was born in Bergen. Norway.
Feb, 5, 1860 came to this country
in 1857, and settled in Colfax in 1860.
He lived here during the
Indian outbreak and experienced
the rough life of the pioneer
days. The house in which he
then lived stands, yet. and the
logs, of which it was built, bear
yet the marks of the Indian's bullet.

The old gentleman was an in
dustrious and respected citizen
and always took lively interest
in his church, of which he was a
leading member and at the mettings
of which his pleasant face
will hereafter be missed. He
leaves a wife and four sons. Thor,
who lives at Brooten, Anton,
Charlie and Albert at home and
one daughter, Mrs. Gudmund
Odland. of Belgrade.

The funeral occured last
Thursday at the Crow River
Cemetery. A goodly number of
people were assembled to pay
their last respects to the deceased
and witness the solemn rites.
About 62 teams formed the procession
following him to his last
resting place.—New London

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